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Gary L. Taylor's Technical Dive Training
International Diving Institute - new!
Oceanic Ventures Houston
Ontario Techdiving
Sport Diver HQ
United States Deep Dive Team

Cave Diving
Assembling a Hogarthian Doubles Rig
Big Dave's Tallahassee SCUBA Web Page
Blue Holes of the Bahamas
CAPS - Cave Mapping Software and Electronic Survey Equipment
Cave, Cavern, & Sinkhole Diving
Cave Divers Association of Australia (CDAA) - Broken link right now....
Cave Divers Corner
Cave Diving
Cavers Digest - coming soon?
Cavern and Cave Diving
Church Sink Project
COMPASS - Computer Oriented Mapping And Survey System (Broken Link)
Cozumel Cave and Cavern Diving
Deep Cave Exploration in Thailand
Dos Ojos - map shows connection to Nohoch Nah Chich, but it is only on paper so far.
Ed Padgett's Cave Diving Page - info regarding conditions in Florida sinks
El Jacinto Pat Expedition Project - Dos Ojos
Floridacaves.com - cave, cavern, and sinkhole diving
Go Diving! - cave diving
Hogarthian Gear Configuration
Iceland's Caves
Mayatech Cave Articles
National Association for Cave Diving
NSS-CDS - National Speleological Society, Cave Diving Section
Sharky's Cave Diving Links
Spleleo Link Page - wet and dry caves
Steve Irving Cartography
Underground Lesse River - You can't dive it, but it was tried.
Underwater Caves of the Yucatan - great pictures
Yucatech Expeditions
Wakulla Springs - National Geographic
Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) Lots of good cave diving info!

ANDI Australia - American Nitrox Divers Institute (ANDI)
Gas Compressibility Factor
Gas Diving UK
Global Underwater Explorers (GUE)
Jim Cobb's Trimix Page
International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers, Inc. (IANTD)
IANTD Canada
NDL Nitrox/Air Comparison
Nitrox FAQ - Alan Wright
Nitrox FAQ
Nitrox (What it is and What it isn't) - New Jersey SCUBA Diving
Parker's Nitrox FAQ - Answers to many questions about Nitrox
Professional SCUBA Association (PSA) Extended Range Recreational Dive Training
RC Dive Technology O2 analyzers
SCUBA Central's Nitrox
Trimix Trimix Trimix

Eric's Tek Diving Page
Marine Technology Development Inc.
Odessey Rebreathers
Rebreather Basics - Get Looped
Rebreather Web Site
Rebreathers CCR 2000
Rick's Scuba Links Pages - Technical Diving
Uwatec Atlantis 1

General Topics
Association of Underwater Explorers
Confessions of a Mortal Diver
D.E.C.O. Divers Online - diving extreme conditions only
Diving under Antarctic Ice
Four Cubic Equations Of State - not light reading
IANTD Journal - lots of good articles
In-Depth On-Line Technical Diver's Guide
Mark's Nuggets
Technical Diving Video Library
Wrolf's Wreck
Zacaton - site of world depth records

Commercial Diving
The Canadian Working Divers Institute
College Of Oceaneering
Commercial Diving Instruction
Dive Bell Commercial Diver Training Academy - Australia
Divers Academy of the Eastern Seaboard
Divers Institute of Technology
Diving Services - underwater project consultants
Diving under Antarctic Ice
International Diving Institute
Ocean Corporation
OSHA Commercial Diving Operations Regulations
Who Sets the Training Standards?"

Technical Dive Shops, Charters, etc.
Abyss Adventures - Bali PADI

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