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A World Below - underwater photography by Laurent Karcher
Alaskan Diving
Bjorn Vang Jensen
Bob Hampton's Shipwrecks
Bob Kemlow's Pictures
Bob Phillips' Photos
British Columbia Creature Page
Cathy Church - well known gallery
Dave Read's Aquashot Underwater Photography Page
Dick's Sealand
Diving under Antarctic Ice
Fabio's Underwater Photo Gallery - images shot over a decade of  diving
Le Monde de la Photo Sous-Marine
Mariano Fiore
Mauritius Pictures
Marine Fish Catalog - are there any non-marine fish? :-)
Mike Ciaccio - mostly general stuff, but lots of it.
Norbert Wu Productions
Ocean Photos - free wallpapers, good ones too!
Phillip Colla Photography
SJB Productions - Videos & DVDs
SB Diver's Home Page
ScubaCentral's Photo Gallery
SCUBA Dudes - Caves, Cozumel, Micronesia
SCUBA in Turkey
SCUBA James - James Yonge (in the UK)
Smithsonian Underwater Pictures
SUBAPHOT - Eric Lambert
The World of Steve Norvich - awesome pictures from Truk
Tony Fertitta's Photo Pages -Virginia Beach, VA
Underwater Photography - Rob DarmaninAquatic Images
Underwater Photos From Around Australia
Video Snappies from Hawaii
Vito Lorusso

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