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Hyperbarics International, Inc.
Recompression Chambers - in the Philippines, courtesy of Jake
University of Southern California Hyperbaric Chamber - Catalina
USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber - Catalina (2 sites?)

Diving Medicine - 'The Ten Foot Stop'
Divers Alert Network - Your Dive Safety Association, diving accident insurance, medical questions
Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine (DCIEM) - Canada
Doc's Diving Medicine Home Page
Ear, Nose & Throat *On-Line" Consultant - Dr. Grossan (good SCUBA tips)
Medical Air Escort - international air ambulance resource
Scuba Diving Explained - medical issues
Scuba Times Medical Center
Wipe Out Pad - jelly fish and fire ants

Psycho Diver - stories about incidents
National Safety Council
SCUBA Diving Safety
SelfRescue.com (Broken Link)
Sub Ocean Safety - great safety and medicine links
Confessions of a Mortal Diver - by Richard Pyle, Read WHY we have recreational dive limits.

Divers Alert Network
RDI Diving Insurance

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