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The Moray Wheels is a non-profit SCUBA club made up of able-bodied and physically disabled divers.

Dive Club Web Ring

Kapal Selam Diving Club Bali

Nicaragua Scuba Diving Club Night Diving in a Volcanic Lagoon, Pacific Beaches

United Kingdom
Deep and Wide Diving Club covering the area of Barkshire, Hampshire and Surrey borders PADI
Leicester Underwater Exploration Club

United States

Recreational Divers Association - has local chapters

Tempe Scuba Club

Sea Sabres - Fullerton (Interesting history of their name, check it out.)

Active Divers Association - South Florida
Caloosa Dive Club - Fort Myers
Down Under Dive Club - Melbourne
South Florida Divers, Inc. - Hollywood

Blue Grass Dive Club - Lexington
Kentuckiana Scuba Divers

Michigan State University Scuba Club - East Lansing

Aqua Amigos Scuba Club
Buckeye Divers Home Page - Columbus
Gavia Scuba Club - of Greater Cincinnati
Kitty Hawk SCUBA Club - Dayton
Ohio Council of Skin & Scuba Divers, Inc.
Ohio Dive Clubs - listed by city

North Carolina
Piedmont Diving and Rescue Association

New York
Northeast Aquanauts - New York / New Jersey

Bay Area Divers - Clear Lake area
City of Houston Underwater Mariners (CHUM)
Houston Hammerheads - Houston
Reef Riders - Coppell
Scubadillo Dive Club

Emerald Sea Dive Club - Edmonds, Washington


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